Veterans Home Care (VHC)

The Veterans' Home Care (VHC) program provides low level home care services to eligible veterans and war widows and widowers.

What is Veterans' Home Care?

Veterans Homecare is designed to assist those veterans and war widows or widowers who wish to continue living at home, but who need a small amount of practical help.

What services are available under the program?

VHC provides a range of home care services designed to meet your needs including:

  • Domestic Assistance: Assistance with domestic tasks such as household cleaning, dishwashing, clothes washing and ironing, shopping for the veteran and bill paying.
  • Personal Care: Includes assistance with daily self-care tasks, such as eating, bathing, toileting, dressing, grooming, getting in and out of bed and moving about the house.
  • Safety-related Home and Garden Maintenance: May include tasks such as replacing light bulbs and tap washers or other tasks that you and the service provider agree upon. The focus of home and garden maintenance services is to assist in keeping the home safe and habitable by minimising environmental health and safety hazards that may impact on you in and around your home. Home and garden maintenance does not include major home repairs such as gutter replacement, landscaping and garden tasks such as branch lopping, tree felling or tree removal.
  • Respite Care: Respite care provides temporary relief for a carer who has the responsibility for a veteran or war widow/widower requiring ongoing care, attention and support. It is defined as an alternative form of care that enables the carer to have a break.
  • Social Support: Social support can involve a numbers of tasks, it can include assisting clients in social activities, attending recreational activities and reminder calls.

Who is eligible to be assessed to receive services?

To be assessed for Veterans' Home Care services you must be:

  • an Australian veteran or mariner; or
  • a widow or widower of an Australian veteran or mariner; and have:
  • a Repatriation Health Card—for All Conditions (Gold Card) or
  • a Repatriation Health Card—for Specific Conditions (White Card).

Access to services

To arrange an assessment for services, call the Veterans' Home Care assessment agency on 1300 550 450. Please only call this number for assessment information.

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