Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

Why do people need CHSP services?  

The CHSP commenced 1st July 2015. The aim of this programme is to help frail, older people living in the community to maximise their independence.
With the focus on wellness and enablement the CHSP provides strategy for delivering timely, high quality, low level home support services.    


Getting CHSP services

Entry is via 'My Aged Care', where a standard national assessment takes place. 

Phone: 1300 205 268

Or more information available for clients and families on the website:


What NDNS can provide you through CHSP?

The service type that NDNS can provide under this program is 'Nursing'. Nursing care is the clinical care provided by a registered or enrolled nurse. 

This care can include recording client observation, medications and wound management.  


The following resource is available for care recipients receiving home care, outlining their rights and responsibilities when receiving care at home:


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