Transport Services

NDNS understands the importance of staying connected in your community. Our transport option allows you to continue getting out and about.  

This includes transporting you to social gatherings, events, visit family and friends.

  • Transport to medical and health appointments
  • Shopping and errands
  • We can assist you to get ready for your event, accompany you, provide assistance at the event and return you home safely

The Transport service can be paid various ways to suit your situation. Transport services can be covered through a Home Care Package, the Commonwealth Home Support Program the NDIS, or can paid for privately. It is not a regular Taxi service.  

The worker providing you the service is a qualified Community Care Worker experienced in support services. Depending on the event you may request the worker to be out of uniform, for example attending a wedding to dress as per dress code. The worker will carry their ID Badge at all times.

Contact us today to discuss your transport needs.